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posted : Wednesday, July 21, 2010
title : Duche de Coeur - NSA
It's exciting to see that the list of vendors grows rapidly, as applications are sent in everyday. It's almost like receiving presents. I haven't found a store that has been disappointing yet. Today I had a lovely encounter with a store owner! Sometimes, I feel anxious upon these meetings, especially if it's to respond to a Hunt invitation. It's not that store owners are mean, it's just that they are very busy. Also, if there is a decision to make on whether or not the store can be accepted. Lately, the staff has been shooting down stores who are involved in many hunts. This, I find to be understandable. You have to wonder if some stores actually want to do the hunt, especially if they're involved in many others. I wonder what kind of product they would make and how much time they would put into it. Maybe it seems selfish of us to accept stores who aren't already involved in projects, but I think it's also considerate. If you were not accepted and you're reading this, please do your best on the events coming towards you! I hope you can become involved in Little乀Crown hunts in the future. We did accept a few stores with a few hunts, again not as many as some of the applicants who were rejected. I'm not denying the talents of those we rejected, they were all very good. Back on topic, today I visited a newly added store that is involved in the hunt, it's called, 'No Strings Attached' by Milli Santos. It's a quaint little shop for poses and we had a lovely discussion about the Hunt, and she gave me a gift! Poses with handsome blue birds attached to them. I decided to take a photo with my new gift. Please, give this store a visit, it was very enjoyable and the owner was very sweet :)

Hair: booN - GIC128 hair blonde
Outfit: Lo*momo - SP Groupgift
Eyes: <>> - Fairy eyes (Glass)
Pose/Bird: NSA - Blue Bird
Location: Duche de Coeur

- U

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