Little Crown hunt presents to you our new hunt, 「THE REBEL'S PLAYGROUND」 JULY 2012 !

posted : Saturday, July 31, 2010
title : Engagement Party \(。・ε・。)*/
Hey everyone! Firstly, little乀crown would like to thank everyone who has decided to participate in this hunt! We see many people joining the little乀crown group and we become happy! Thank you for the acknowledgment. It is nearly August! I hope that the storms have not been too harsh towards you, as they have been for me lately. I love windy weather though, just not hard rain that scares away puppies! My puppy hides underneath the bed and cries often when there is loud thunder. This post wasn't supposed to be about weather or puppies. I get very off-topic, which I am sorry for! The photos I have posted today were part of my friend's engagement party. It was actually a very pretty scenery. I love chess board layouts! I wished I had taken proper photos of this gorgeous piece of island in the sky. Many clouds rolled beneath the land and long clear pointed crystals were scattered at corners. The best part, I think would have to be the tree. There was a tall willowy tree in a nice open area and it had stars in the midst. It was absolutely stunning! I enjoyed the music as well. I do not get around much to American music, so I often forget how nice it could be. After the hours of dancing, the groom-to-be had a great idea of jumping off the island with parachutes. It was so much fun, we must have done this at least four times! Some of us though had the misfortunes of landing on top of other buildings along the way down, in a very animated 'SPLAT' way (;´Д`)!! We stayed around the bottom land for an hour or so after the party had been over, talking and being chased by 'objects' that stuck to our bodies and make us move and fly. It was a very interesting night, very memorable, and I don't think I, nor anyone else who was there will be able to forget it. It was very fun! So, this is what the little乀crown staff have been up to...Very strenuous work. I'm only kidding. There has been much more promotion going on. I noticed this at Sowelu! I was blushing my way around the store seeing that TWO signs for *SW* Hunt were put up. Sowelu Mint, you flatter us\(*´∀`*)! I have also been reading many of the store blogs who have already written about being involved in our hunt. Thank you very much for your positive attitudes and please do your best!

- U

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