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posted : Saturday, July 17, 2010
title : Ete & Neko Cube

I've had many discussions on several occasions about the animal avatars wandering about SL, it is very cute and common, especially the Rabbits made by yumyum, along with the sheep as well. They are particularly endearing in clothing or hair. I personally can't afford these animal avatars, what-so-ever, so I don't even pretend to make the attempt. So, you're wondering, are the animal avatars that expensive? No. Not really. It's about 600L$ and these avatars are VERY well made, and I would recommend getting one in a heartbeat, but with the economy and the lack of green in my purse wallet, I'd rather stick to the classic 'What can I do without and what must I have?' I must have a cute animal avatar one way or the other. The photo above is the outcome of my search. It's a Robot Neko made by SENRIES and they are probably your best bet at finding a high quality animal avatar for such a low price. This little guy only cost me 150L$ and no, I am not ashamed. They're unique and come in different varieties of color.

The good thing about SENRIES is that they have a Lucky Board to win a (looks like) Monkey robot! My friend just won this about a day ago and it looks precious and there is no need for Group join or anything! I wouldn't test clothing or hair on these robots, alas, robots cannot look pretty! I hope this was useful to those who are looking for a cute, fun looking avatar. Stop by the store and give this tiny shop a visit. It's well worth it and there are plenty of interesting knick-knacks to be explored on this particular SIM.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
- Little Crown Staff

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