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posted : Saturday, July 24, 2010
title : .::+::.Snow White.::+::. Hints
Today, Taku-sama and I completed the Hint object for all vendors! This part is exceptionally important. For all of the people who are excited for the hunt, you must know that we have made giving 'Hints' optional for the vendors. The Hint object was made from scratch in photoshop with various brushes and blending tools. The back of the object has a Victorian texture that compliments the object in its entirety. Taku helped me apply scripts and permissions. I am not so good with these things. I'd rather design and do the photo editing. He is a great partner to have and has done so much work, and has spoken to most of the shop owners. People say that Hunts take a lot of time and patience, but everything has been going smoothly. We are grateful for everyone else and their patience and cooperation. Back to the topic of Hints, I hope that no one is disappointed with our decisions thus far. I know it'll be challenging if there is no hint, especially since .::little乀crown::. has also decided not to set a specific meter for the object to be found. Without a hint and a meter, you will have to work for these items. I do not think the store owners will do this to you though, so no worries. The .::little乀crown::. group is up and you can join through clicking here [→←] Please make sure you're on SL when you do this and do not spam the chat. If there are hunts, we will post them here on the blog. The group is not only for the Snow White hunt, but also for future hunts. Hunts of course cannot be done every month. We are debating whether we should have a hunt once every 4-5 months, maybe even 6 months. Many ideas have come to mind and we are a group of passionate persons,who love hunts! Naturally, we enjoy creating hunts as well and we seek no personal gain, except the joy of making others happy, and letting the world know of these great shops! There was an issue though, the group invite was going to some place else. No worries though, it's fixed now. Have a good night!

- U

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