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posted : Wednesday, July 14, 2010
title : Snow White Hunt - Sep.15th - Sep.30th

Little crown presents to you, the Snow White Hunt! I’m very pleased with its outcome. It was a great idea to begin with. We were all thinking about upcoming hunts and there was a bit of a nostalgic moment when we realized that Fall is soon on its way. For those of you who love Summer, I'm sorry, but the transition will bring so much relief to these hot days. That's a bit off topic, but the feeling of Fall instantly made me think of Snow White. Many seasons can revolve around Disney movies (Sleeping Beauty - Fall, Aladdin - Summer, Beauty and the Beast - Winter, Alice in Wonderland - Spring) and so on. When I think of Snow White, I think of dark brown, light orange, warm red, and forest green leaves. I can smell Fall just by thinking about it. That is why Snow White was chosen. Some might think, and even a fellow little crown owner, thinks of Snow White as Winter, but I couldn't wrap my brain around Snow White being surrounded by white. Her name is deception. Yes, her skin is as white as snow, and even though she would mesh with Winter, and look very possibly stunning, the story pulls us towards the vibrancy of Snow White's surroundings throughout the tale, and throughout the movie. Snow White is a Fall character, and I am very excited to see how this hunt turns out, especially with the many targeted stores that we're hoping will participate! The blog for the Snow White hunt is right here [ ].

So, please pay it a visit to find out more information on little crown's newest hunt!

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