Little Crown hunt presents to you our new hunt, 「THE REBEL'S PLAYGROUND」 JULY 2012 !

posted : Thursday, July 15, 2010
title : White Poison Apple

This photo displays the 'White Poison Apple' that the hunters will have to find. Please look for a white twirling apple. It was odd making such an apple, because one of the owners had already made an apple and it was red and spotted, green and apple red, but it was way too big! Way, way too big. So, we had to rely on another source, and this person was very perfect for the job, because he loves to build and sculpt, not to say that this apple is very sculpted, because it's not. It's very simple in comparison to the original apple, except now this one twirls around and looks very mystical, like it's been rolling around in unknown meadows, has touched every autumn floor, and floated down stream of crisp cold rivers. Indeed, it is a good apple to choose in the long run. I would also like to announce that I'm very proud that NALA has entered this hunt, considering that this store is well known amongst all SL, the flattery continues I am sure. Also, on the SNOW WHITE Hunt blog, we have added the new store creators who have joined in, so stop over there for a visit. The names of the store are linked so that you go directly to the store once you click it.

Dress&Hair piece: Lo*momo - Soit heureux Ree wedding
Hair: =TeKuTeKu= - Spring, Cream
Necklace: *GF* Pearl Set "Trinity" -white- wedding
Location: *mocchi*mochi*

- U

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