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posted : Sunday, August 22, 2010
title : Ciel and Claude - Hunt Item
Hello! I wanted to update on the Hunt item that I've created specifically for the hunt. Honestly though, I wonder why Snow White would have Kuroshitsuji paintings with an easel like this one. She probably wouldn't. The point isn't the paintings though. This is the first item I have ever made in SL and it's probably not the best, but you can modify it anyway you'd like to --- colors and pictures, anything basically. It looked really bad before the textures. I had other textures in replacement of this black and chess colored wood. I kind of laughed at it for awhile, until I was like, 'Okay, this has to be changed'. I look forward to you all having this item, for some odd, silly reason. Speaking of hunt items though, I have been seeing many items from the store owners privately and I am loving their creations. It is absolutely amazing how much effort is being put into this hunt. Taku, one of the staff has been away to college so I have been talking to the Shop vendors and have been trying my best to translate my words accurately and safely. By safely, I mean that translators can be tricky. I learned this the hard way a long time ago when I made my Mixi account. Google translator and Excite are probably the best translators. Just remember to translate your own Japanese back and see if that's what you're actually saying. Anyways, please enjoy our Kuroshitsuji themed photos! This platform can be found on Xstreetsl!

- U

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