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posted : Friday, August 13, 2010
title : Happy Birthday, Taku-sama!
Today was Taku's Birthday! I threw a little something together for him at the LittleCrown HQ! He is hardworking around this time, handling applications and preparing for a big move. I am really happy with his efforts and dedication. He really enjoys Vanilla and Strawberries, so I made a stop at =Feather= for sweets. On my way there, I saw a promotional poster for 'Kawaii Hunt' in the month of September also! There are exciting activities going on in the month of September, so please, everyone sit back until then, and wait to be indulged with two great hunts! Also, we would like to thank all of the new participants! It really makes us all happy when we receive new applications. Even the group continues to grow! I check this all the time and go 'Oh! Oh...' ! We've decided to also be in the hunt. I spent a long while building something with the help of Taku, Black Butler related, since this has been my favorite Anime for two years now...The second season is starting a big hype, so I thought it would be clever to tend to these needs. No, Alois! I do not like him. I do like Claude though, but the object will be mostly for Sebastion and Ciel. I had a good conversation with one of the Managers at @GuRu GuRu@ and one of the levels of agreement we had, was that Alois was a complete brat! I guess I am starting to get over my fear of shop owners, as I go into that, I would just like to say that LittleCrown is very happy to have nocc. joining in this hunt! Please enjoy the rest of weekend everyone!

- U

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