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posted : Friday, August 6, 2010
title : Horror Night Hunt
It took forever to find a way to become free in order to do this hunt and to write about it. I’m very sorry for the delay. Let’s start off this blog by saying that Horror Night was by far the most interesting, spookiest, and well detailed hunts that we have ever been on. It definitely lived up to its expectations and hype. I don’t want to ruin the story, but there is a plot involved that will leave you both determined and curious to get to the end. You start here [], in a tunnel. A lot of people made this mistake, but please put on the HUD that is given to you upon clicking the board. Do not go straight for the diary, since it is Clue#1! Put the HUD on first and then retrieve the diary, and as you will see, a ghost head will appear on your HUD, which means that you have obtained the first clue. You’re reading the tale of a tormented father watching his wife and twins go through a stream of very unfortunate events that leaves the entire family in complete disarray and despair. When you read these tidbits, it will vaguely tell you where to find the next diary, and so on. You will bounce from Miniascape SIM to Kyoto Sanjo SIM. While you’re at the first SIM, it is best viewed in TOG – FOGGY Silent heck! In the second SIM, please use Midnight settings. The only hints that I will give you for the second SIM is to obviously explore the houses around you. Also, if you go up north, there will be two houses, inside the one to the left there will be a doll that stands still as the others are moving. IF you do not have all of the clues for this SIM and decide to sit on the doll early, you will be ejected to the middle of NO WHERE. So, make sure you have all of your clues, or else you cannot proceed to your gifts! I will not admit that I was the sad person to experience this, but because I am fervently blogging about this, it’s quite obvious that I was. Fortunately though, this guide will stop you from doing such things. These photos were taken HINT friendly, so no, these areas are not where the dairies can be found. This hunt will end on the 31st of this month, so please be sure that you participate and take as many pictures as you please! Read more about this hunt and about the stores involved at the main site! []

Happy Hunting!
::little乀crown staff::.

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