Little Crown hunt presents to you our new hunt, 「THE REBEL'S PLAYGROUND」 JULY 2012 !

posted : Thursday, August 19, 2010
title : Updates! Frippery

It’s really refreshing when things get done and everything seems well prepared. Even though this is our first hunt, I feel like it has been well managed for a first time. I hope this makes it seem possible to others that hunts can be done without starting as someone who knows many shop owners or having a well known shop yourself, or a long existing hunt group. The starting point has changed to .::.+.::.littlecrown.::.+.::. HQ now that {::Favole::} has removed themselves from the hunt due to scheduling complications. The item I made was a little corny and I will reveal it shortly. I’m still working out a few kinks, but I hope you all will use this seemingly unworthy item. It could be useful. A few of my friends are using it and a few shop owners have given me their critiques and I have taken their advice seriously. Actually, the owner of KOSH saved me big time on lighting issues! Graphics cards can be tricky. If you have the time, please send all of your GACHA items to the owner of KOSH, she loves them! (Or maybe do not, for the fear of swamp objects!) As you can see, the office that has been prepared for the hunt is a really small area and it was made inside of a cupcake. It was built on family land, so it has a weird name. I like Christmas in the middle of Summer, because I am desperately trying to get to that season, even Fall would do, but Christmas is fun, and more enjoyable to decorate. So, when you visit, please enjoy with Holiday spirit.

The next photo is of a gift given to me by
Frippery! The store owner knows that I love her masks and so she gave me one that is not yet for sale (I requested her permission to release this new mask of course), needless to say, I was very happy to receive this. This was made by one of the participants in the hunt. I recommend checking out the store and giving it a look around. It’s on the Oubliette SIM, which reminds me of Labyrinth, but it’s a fun SIM to hang out, and the shop, along with the neighboring stores, are simply gorgeous. Please have a visit here []. There are many cute things occupying the walls!

:hair: - [YH] *13* Platinum04
:skin: - .:*Sowelu Skin*:. /LB-no.3/ NEKO..ver
:mask: - Frippery * Hear me roar! mask (not yet for sale)
:necklace: - LUXG * Onestone rozario
:dress: - **M+M** flower dress -GOLD-
:heels: - **M+M** dress pumps -champagne gold-

- U