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posted : Friday, December 17, 2010
title : Black Butler Hunt April 2011


It's official! Little Crown will be doing another hunt soon in April! I'm especially happy to post this update, because the love I have for the Victorian era is simply absurd. I really care about Anime as well, so of course Black Butler was the right choice. The second and possible final season of the show ended not too long ago, and I would really hate for this opportunity to pass. The hunt is invite only this time around, but I'm willing to let some applications sneak by the radar. It'll be up on the SL Hunt blog soon. I only want genuine fans of Black Butler or the Victorian era. During the Snow White Hunt, I noticed there were many complaints from store owners who wanted to join, but were rejected. We were even threatened, that there would be bad rumors, that Little Crown is too mean. That's really not true. I was specific about it and I felt really bad when a vendor would message one of the staff, if they were accepted or rejected. It would put pressure on the staff, while it's my decision. If you were rejected, it was for a good reason. I do not like when stores are involved in many hunts. It's concerning. I could tell if you're a Hunt collector or if you're genuinely interested in the hunt. Since this hunt is special, I'd like to be careful with the choosing. I will give a fair chance to those who really appreciate this sort of thing. The Hunt Flyer was done by ling Serenity, and she is well known for her artwork on SL! You can find the TP to her store here← Please, take your time to look around. It's really very good. This year the Vendor will have the choice of picking between two fliers, instead of just one. I really hope that's not confusing. In fact, I find it wrong that I'm doing that, but that's the thing about Black Butler II...There were two of everything. The Hunt object is adorable. You'll be looking for a Bitter Rabbit, the infamous Phantomhive plush (see below)

Bitter Rabbit hunt object

There is no official blog for this hunt, aside from this one. We decided to keep it all on the Little Crown blog. So, please follow this blog from now on, and look forward to seeing the accepted vendor list. I really hope you're excited with the theme of the hunt. I want to have a lot of fun this time, now that all of us know what we're doing a little bit more.

Have a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

- U

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