Little Crown hunt presents to you our new hunt, 「THE REBEL'S PLAYGROUND」 JULY 2012 !

posted : Saturday, May 21, 2011
title : Good Evening ^ ^

Hello everyone! I hope you are well. I decided to give this blog an update and hope that you read this before the hunt begins. I’m sorry for those of you who continued to try and do the hunt during April, if you did. The hunt will take place in the month of June. Of course you understand the reasons. Please hold on a little bit longer.

When you do arrive at the hunt destination (which will be presented the day of the hunt)There will be a teleport on the floor, please use this to get the next destination where you will find the rabbit.

The store Babel is closed, but their gift will still be presented at the hunt.I’ve always been a fan of Babel, and I hope that they reconsider and come back soon! Also, unfortunately, others stores have closed as well such as: MeteoRain and Neko-kan. As for Ruru@Pino and Liriope, even though their main shops have closed, they still have branch stores on second life, which you can view from their picks. While we have lost stores, we have also gained stores such as: BnD, How Vexing, Amato, and Furmanity! Again, I wish to thank them for participating!

I am very thankful for returning vendors, and also for the new stores. I would like to encourage everyone else to simply enjoy the hunt for themselves.

We want everyone to have a lot of fun! That is the point of participating in hunts.

Here are a few set ups/gifts that we like about the hunt below:

Sowelu」所有者は、このハントため彼女の店内装が。いいでしょう。どうもありがとうございます ^ ^