Little Crown hunt presents to you our new hunt, 「THE REBEL'S PLAYGROUND」 JULY 2012 !

posted : Friday, June 24, 2011
title : Hunt Success!






Hello everyone !

The Black Butler hunt was a great success. Thank you very much for your participation. We can’t express enough our genuine gratitude. We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from hunters. Each store was flawless and presented beautiful hunt prizes. The locations of the items were difficult to find, which created a great hunting experience for the participants. We realize the challenge of searching is what many hunters enjoy.

Some attention has been brought to the fact that some or most of the Japanese translations on our blog and other communications were faulty, confusing or altogether useless. Unfortunately, we use a translator, and at no time were we attempting to convince anyone otherwise. The shops we choose to participate in our hunt are never based on race - we look for quality alone and gravitate towards our own personal tastes. We apologize if there were any misunderstandings surrounding this issue. We hope to be able to better express our meaning and the sincere feelings behind our posts, so we are working hard to have clearer translations for future hunts.

Thank you for your continued patience and support. We hope to see you all again in a few months. Until then, please enjoy your Summer!

- Little Crown