Little Crown hunt presents to you our new hunt, 「THE REBEL'S PLAYGROUND」 JULY 2012 !

posted : Friday, January 13, 2012
title : Cafe Hunt Start

ハンターの皆様、カフェハントに関心を持っていただき、あ りがとうございます。これは、リトルクラウンがこれまで計画させていただいたうちでも最大のハントです。ショップオーナーとハンターの皆様に感謝いたしま す。これまでは、私たちのハントは、ちょっと違うやり方でやってきました。今回は全く違うやり方です。
(Thank you, hunters, for your interest in the Cafe hunt. This is the largest hunt that Little Crown has had the pleasure of organizing!
We are very grateful towards the shop owners and hunters! In the past, our hunts have gone a little differently. The hunt will be very different this time. )先に進む前に、こちらのルールをご覧ください。
(Before you proceed, please take the time to go over these rules! )

(Please do not contact the Hunt Organizers or Shop Owners for help. All help will be given inside the Little Crown chat, by either the organizers, or the community.)
2) どんなアイテムの場所も教えないでください。
(Do not give away locations of any items. )
(Do not distribute a landmark list. )
4) 仲間のハンターには、親切に、礼儀正しくしてください。
(Be kind and courteous towards fellow hunters. )
(There will be a Cafe Hunt photo contest, to see what you can do to participate, please read here [[ . ]])

カフェハントは、[XIV.] シムで始まります。リトルクラウンは、シムの皆様のご協力に感謝いたします。
(The Cafe Hunt will begin on the [XIV.] sim. Little Crown would like to thank them for their cooperation and kindness!)


.HINT LIST.00. What you seek is in this house, take a rest, and enjoy a cuppa. Vix says ‘It's better to enjoy a cup of coffee near a fireplace’.
01. Pigs like tea

02. On the rose table !
03. Hot coffee on the kotatsu !
04. Green dress
05. I
m Red
06. Try a corner
07. You take a seat on the sofa then...
08. Sit down with a cup of coffee
09. Little pink dress
10. (103/166/2002) Coordinates おいしそう! seem to be delicious
11. Let
s books.
Project yourself (works)
13. Butterflies are having cafe
14. Pipe
15. Spring cleaning - dust those boxes off

It is located behind the left side of this store. You will only see part of it.店の左側の奥にあります。それは少ししか見えていません
17. Guarded by fluffy demons
18. Table
19. Crates
20. You better grab your parasol!
21. The best place to hide a cup is in a cafe
22. beauty is skin deep
23. Check the weeds
24. No hint
25. On top of display
26. Hanging out with the other mugs
27. Mesh stompers
28. S K I P
29. I'm on the women's side and I love macarons
30. Upper corner
31. look at right point!
32. table
33. 2F
34. Gardening tools
35. It is hidden behind the peach and mint.
36. Under the tote bag
37. Near Flatties and Booties
Sandwiches Donuts Cinnamon roll
39. Up on a shelf
40. Please keep in dark cool place.
41. Coordinates - (123, 205, 21) NO HINT
42. SKIP
43. Check the head top of a bear :) /
44. looks like pills
Wild grass
46. It is on the tree wrapped in Art Gallerys.
47. Plant shelf
48. My house or yours?
49. Let’s have some tea
51. Today is very cold!
53. Basket
54. It's not so hard to find it out :)
55. Watch your step
56. Plant
57. Couches
58. Seek around the blue Estrellita(little star)!
59. S K I P
60. SKIP
61. I'm gentle as a deer
62. S K I P
63. Guilt Ridden
64. SKIP
65. Look near the clothing section
66. Going down the stairs
67. Do you think that a dog likes coffee?
*** 犬もコーヒーが好きかな?
68. Hint 1: I can see it!, Hint 2: I can hear music!
69. Table